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We used in Syria, thinking periods spends by our citizens in prisons and detention centers and talk about it in several ways, we say, that Flana spent in detention thirty years without trial, and Alana spent two and a half decade of the past guest of the authorities, moving among the branches of the security and several prisons after a trial court security of the state, it is argued, that the people went for a cup of coffee with one of the security branches, and continued hospitality fifteen years, during which he did not cool his coffee! Unlike those methods that we got used for more than forty years ago under a state of emergency declared, he remembered With the advent of the eighteenth of May current, before the arrest of car accident lawyer CDDLHR head of the human rights committees a month and three days since he was summoned with one of the security branches in the city Latakia, where he was held and conducted to Damascus, and then referred to the State Security Court, which was investigating him on charges of three, I do not want to remember because it is far from stuck.

And think in a differenct way than your usual period that has passed since the arrest CDDLHR, related to three key points, the first of the world around us has changed, no longer the world today as it was in the sixties and the subsequent down to the eighties and nineties, and in which the political confrontation in the remote border in levels domestic and international, and where human rights were less actively traded, and the lowest level in consciousness, in conjunction with limited staff and the interested countries, institutions and individuals.

The second point, we as Syrians change us, we are no longer as we were in the past four decades, a change that did not hurt the citizens only, but hit their political system, also hit their communities political and social organizations and civil, was among the manifestations of the evolution of consciousness and the level of their awareness of their lives, and the surroundings and their future, It is enough in this example, that the Syrians even if they differ in the details and merits of the crisis experienced by the country, they agree on the existence, as they are in agreement on the need to overcome, albeit in different ways.

The third point, which make it different in the modern theme of arrests for the period ago, the one that deals with the modern movement of civil society activists, and a cadre of leadership in the field of defending human rights. Facts and qualities of dedicated presence and existence of social mobility in Syria during the past years, and became the basic features of the current image of Syria. We have brought these three points, a change in the thinking and the modern Syrian periods spent by their compatriots in the prisons and detention centers, and the exception to talk about society activists ten (who is still eight of them in detention), became the talk of Syrian detention less harshness, of example to say, that all detainees are brought to trial, though some exceptional and illegal, including hauling CDDLHR State Security Court, also said that some of the detainees on trial at large, which has been in the trials of Aleppo, and this was not being earlier, and also said that the verdicts have become less than unity and for so, is no longer the death sentences or the provisions of a long, and despite the importance of these changes, they are still detailed, did not match the aspirations of the Syrians to filter shaded by the legacy of cruelty and terror in the relationship of citizens and the state Jhazaha security and judicial.

CDDLHR one of Syrians aspirants to the liquidation of the legacy of cruelty and tyranny overwhelming, so he chose to be among those seeking for human rights, and before this was CDDLHR seeking for a better life for the Syrians document to see political ideology, put social justice as its goal, and in both cases CDDLHR received long prison lasted years, extended my contract in the eighties and nineties, was the flower of his youth, as is the case with tens of thousands of people from the Syrians that stage.

the Syrians have changed, and because CDDLHR same change, it has become his prison term new calculated months and days, and before them became too much, and like him a lot and too much time has passed to all prisoners of conscience Syrians, who is from the right release and return to life , which should not continue to waste their rights, is Masay him CDDLHR and Alkabon like behind closed doors and wet cell

CDDLHR Courier growled to the right!

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